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  • safe and rapid aid in diagnostics within minutes
  • easy handling
  • fast treatment
  • can be used with whole blood, plasma or serum
  • quantifiable with the reader system QuickSens® Ω100
  • in-house test development for application in medicine, agriculture and food industry



QuickSens® h-FABP

Very fast cardiac infarction test Downloads
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QuickSens® cTnI

Cardiac infarction test
learn more  Downloads

QuickSens® D-Dimer

Rule out pulmonary embolism, disseminated intravasal coagulation, vein thrombosis Downloads

QuickSens® hs-CRP

Highly sensitive lateral flow test for assessing the cardiovascular risk. Downloads

QuickSens® CRP

Lateral flow test for determination and monitoring of inflammatory diseases. Downloads

QuickSens® KSS (under development)

For the evaluation of bacterial contamination of cutting fluids for metalworking processes Downloads


QuickSens® Ω100

Reader system for quantification of test results Downloads
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OEM Production

8sens.biognostic offers a production on demand service according to the customers specification for lateral flow tests at its own facilities. Have you ever required a fast and professional manufacturer of lateral flow assays? Manufacturing

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Development on demand

Custom-made development of lateral flow tests from your ELISA or as a separate, new development realization of complete projects on demand from our clients. From feasibility studies via tests development up to declaration of conformities of complete test systems. Research & Development